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Serendipity Skin Solutions

Is your skin sensitive, breaking out or ageing? Would you like to regain your glow and feel comfortable looking in the mirror? If so look no further, I am a skin care EXPERT with a revolutionary approach for bright, smooth, even skin and we can help you wherever you live in the country.

A breakthrough skin solution to transform your skin, leaving you with the best skin of your life… with a tried, tested system, proven across a range of skin conditions. Please feel free to contact me for a chat for help or advice, I love to talk about skin it is my PASSION!

Serendipity Skin Solutions provides a skin care journey which will evolve as your skin changes, this unique pathway has four parts and together we can learn what your skin is saying and begin your rewarding journey at the correct starting point for you and your skin.

It all begins with a personal consultation to discover the most effective products for YOU and your skin. We establish a simple, clear home care method to develop a consistent routine. We are committed to support you through your journey and can further improve your results using advanced salon treatments as, when and if needed.

The Beginning… £49

Would you like to begin your journey with some fabulous science backed skin care products tailored to your individual skin issues? Are you fed up buying products which are ineffective and join you product graveyard? Would you like to try the products for 21 days? You will also learn about your skin structure, how stress affects your skin and how to use the products correctly to ensure fabulous results. Join my next 21 day skin challenge here…


Repairing… £249

If you are showing signs of sensitivity, acne or ageing your skin barrier will need repairing to create a stronger skin. With consistency, you will see results you have never experienced before, a more balanced skin with fine lines and wrinkles improving. I will guide you through your first month, showing you how to use the products and support you on your skin care journey. The four repair products and coaching costs £249 . To work with me and tell me more please book a consultation…


Improving… £499

Once your skin is strong enough, you can continue with the next stage in your skin care journey, with your commitment and my support we will navigate any skin issues you encounter and continue to improve your skin. To tell me more about your skin please book a consultation…


Treating… depending on your skin condition from £299

Once your skin is responding to your new, simple, effective home care system we can enhance your skin using salon treatments tailored to your individual skins needs. To talk about your personal treatment plan please book a consultation…


I love what I do and I would love to support you to achieve the skin you have always dreamed of! Please feel free to call me on 07855 238 997 to chat about your skin and together we can decide the pathway that is best for you and your skin concerns!


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